Well I’m so glad I met u and did the course... worth every penny.
My husband was my absolute rock! And kept pulling me back to concentration when the pain started to take over, but I did it, ‘pain relief’ free and via induction (which a couple of midwives said normally everyone has an epidural!) so I’m super proud of myself.

I felt in control and during the break between surges I was so relaxed that I felt I had a mini snooze so it spurred me onto the next one and the next. Thank you so much for all your help we are both so grateful.


Birthing baby was nothing like I had imagined, I remember thinking as it was happening -all that time and energy I had wasted listening to peoples 'top trumps' of birthing horror stories. My body took over and knew exactly what to do, just as the wise hippo programme tells you! The wise hippo teachings have been priceless for me, they made the run up to labour, labour and even anxieties post labour completely manageable and relaxed me, I cant thank you Sarah enough!


I feel so proud that I was able to really just take control and make everything so positive throughout pregnancy, labour and now! Lee was also the most amazing support. He keeps saying to people that I was amazing but I correct him because we were amazing. We were a team. I think your course is so important for men perhaps even more than women. He learned so much and really took it in. He reminded me things that I had forgotten. It just helped us feel so much more educated about what was happening. I can’t speak highly enough about it all. I want everyone to really invest in themselves and do it because it’s so unbelievable and has been the best experience ever.


The hypnobirthing really helped me, I was breathing through contractions and only used gas and air once the pain ramped up. For me, I wasn’t scared when my waters broke, just full of anticipation and excitement that I was going to finally meet my baby. It helped prepare me - a normally anxious person and that was invaluable.”


It was calm and relaxed the whole way through and without everything hypnobirthing taught me I’d never of had the confidence to think I could of had such a good birth even when the plan changed. I’m so glad I came across your sessions it made a world of difference.


Thank you #Devonmama Thanks to hypnobirthing we had a positive birth, and even though it wasn’t our planned place of birth, we stayed calm and relaxed. People are sceptical about hypnobirthing but from a fathers point of view we couldn’t have done it without everything you taught us. Thank you Sarah



With no pain relief not even gas and air Isla was born at 5:39am into a calm atmosphere which I’m sure is why she is such a calm chilled out baby. My midwife said that it was the calmest labour she’d ever been at.

Throughout the labour I kept thinking of my sessions with Sarah and all the wisehippo techniques. I honestly don’t think I would’ve had the labour I had if it wasn’t for Sarah and The Wise Hippo.

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