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My baby boy was due 30/09/19, after two sweeps and a lot of walking up and down hills it was time for an induction. I felt able to deal with this because I was prepared for change and for my birth plan to change, just like hypnobirthing teaches us. I was able to make informed decisions about my labour and I felt confident in doing this. Learning hypnobirthing isn’t just about relaxing and breathing. It taught me technical information about babies, labour and birth so I was knowledgeable which made everything less scary.

I went into Torbay hospital on Sunday 13th October, the two pessary’s didn’t bring on any surges so I was moved up to the labour ward and put on the Pitocin drip. My surges started, I really enjoyed them, I used the gas and air and my breathing techniques that I had been taught. Time went so fast by counting my breaths and I soon reached 10cm dilated. The midwives were fantastic, so friendly and so supportive of Hynobirthing and keeping active as much as was possible. After lot’s of pushing I became very tired and it was now Tuesday. I was prepped to go to theatre for a forceps delivery. Just as the Doctor was about to use the forceps the baby’s heartbeat stopped so they had to perform an emergency caesarean section. It was a scary time, but I remained calm and breathed. At 17:27 on 15/10/19, Baby Louie was born, weighing a whopping 9lb 8oz!

I will be forever thankful to Sarah of Devonmama as I truly believe that I wouldn’t have coped nearly as much with my birth as I did, without the benefits of Hynopbirthing. I loved every minute of the courses and I even made friends from it. Sarah is approachable, knowledgeable, empathetic and amazing at what she does. I shout about Hynobirthing to anyone that will listen, its not just useful in birth, I’m using the breathing techniques in general life too.


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