Leanne and Baby Rosalie - Birth Story

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My waters broke at home in bed at midnight the day of our due date. Contractions came fast and strong soon after and we were advised to get to the hospital. I used the tens machine on the way to hospital. After being checked over we stayed in the waiting room to get to 5cms and hoped that the pool that we had requested would be available . The waiting room was really uncomfortable, with bright lights and people coming and going, not the surroundings I had envisioned .

At around 3am we moved to the pool , I instantly felt calmer, the lights were dimmed , the sound of the water running and we had the hypnobirthing tracks on in the background . The nurses knew we were doing hypnobirthing and that I wanted a natural birth as possible. They were really supportive. My birth partners were my husband and my mum. I had gas and air in the pool and concentrated on the breathing techniques we were taught. I had no concept of time and started to struggle with the pain . To have any more pain relief I had to get out of the pool . I had the injection and continued labour with gas and air on cushions on the floor .

I had reached 10cms and actively pushed for 2 hours . By this point I was exhausted and my contractions started slowing down. We were seen by the senior nurse who advised I had been pushing for too long and risked long term damage . My options were to either have a c section or a spinal tap. I chose a spinal tap and was transferred for surgery. I also had an injection to speed up my contractions.


Our baby girl arrived at 16.51 on her due date with the help of forceps. I had 2nd degree tears and our cord snapped as she was lifted out . Our midwife Rosie asked for my husbands phone to take a picture of our placenta as it was in the shape of a heart ! I definitely believe that the hypnobirthing course enabled us to stay calm and just accept the way our birth went. Our beautiful Rosalie weighed 7lbs 11oz . We’ve never known a love like it . Rosalie India Betts 26/5/19 16.51 7lbs 11oz

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