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    For the last 6 months Ive been working closely with a local baby wearing company Slumber Roo. I have been learning all there is to know about baby wearing. From wraps for newborns to buckle carriers to carry feisty toddlers. Its been really interesting and I cant wait to advise all you lovely new mama's on which carrier could work for you. Im now a qualifed baby wearing peer supporter thanks to Slumber Roo and their training. Ive completed the Sling Smart course and am now qualifed to advise you and just generally be there to have a chat to once baby is born. There are some wonderful products out there on the market and im now lucky enough to be able to sell them right here on my website. With fantasic brands such as Boba and Beco please take a look at my SHOP. If you are booked on to one of my courses or have been a previous client then please email me [email protected] for a Devonmama disocunt code to use across any carrier.

  2. Our story - Due date came and my partner and I decided to have a 'due date date night' so dressed up and went out for a gorgeous meal. Little did we know as we ate that meal that my waters would break on our return home and I would be giving birth in the same outfit I had worn to dinner!


    On our return home in bed my partner had me in a fit of the giggles! Initially I thought I had wet myself laughing, shockingly to the pair of us it was my waters breaking! I did not feel uncomfortable at all so planned to go to sleep. Unfortunately my waters seemed green and was told this could be the presence of meconium.